Anniken arfvidsson rocksground

Uneven rocks, for ground or walls.
Exposed controls for color, saturation, lightness, roughness, distance between rocks, etcetera.

Anniken arfvidsson basematerial

Base material, can be used for MANY things! Both The Whale Catcher and Ace are primarily textured with this except for a few parts, like eyes and water.
It utilizes the normal and thickness maps to add color in multiple layers.

Anniken arfvidsson eye

Eye with lots of controls, for exemple pupil dilation, sclera color and two separate layers of iris with controls for color and contrast.

Anniken arfvidsson planks

Stylized wood. Made this for one of our games at school, Monster Mash.
Exposed controls for color, grain contrast, roughness, etcetera.


These are some of the materials I have made in Substance Designer in the last few months.