Ace of Space Trailer

Anniken arfvidsson ace01

This is Ace our main character wich I made for this game.
More info on model and textures under "Ace".
Rig and animations under "Rigging & animation".

7. Ace of space

First person shooter.
This was the 7:th game we made at The Game Assembly. We were a team of 15 people- four artists, three level designers and eight programmers. We finished the game in ten weeks half time.
I was responsible for the main character, wich is also the co-op character. I modeled, textured, rigged and animated. The concept was made by Robin Tran. I also made the second weapon we have in the game. The concept for this was made by Christer Degerman.
I created the textures for walls and ground in Substance Designer.
We used the little dinasaur- ish enemy from the last game we made. I only remade the textures and he was good to go!